HOw to wear a belt without belt loops

Wondering how To Wear A Belt Without Belt Loops?

In this video, I’ll share with you how to wear a belt with clothes you have in your wardrobe, how to wear a belt for your body type, and I’ll give you quick tips for how to wear a belt that’s too big – so you can make it fit and flatter.

  • This fall belts are trending in a major way, so how about wearing a scarf and belt combo? A belt will hold the scarf in place and give your outfit a pop. You don’t need belt loops for this look and belt loops on pants are necessary either.
  • You can also button your cardigan and belt it at the smallest part of your waist. This is a great look for women of every body type and shape and will help you create a waist – and give interest to otherwise a simple outfit.
  • There’s a wrap style dress that is flattering on every shape, but to
    make it look more expensive and highlight the waist, a belt is the finishing touch you need especially in a contrasting color. What if the belt is too long? There’s a solution… and no belt loops needed for this look!

Hope you enjoyed and comment below for your favorite look.

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