5 ways to style s skinny belt for petite women

Knowing what to wear if you are petite (petite is the term used in the fashion industry to describe a woman who is 5’4 tall or under) will help not only do the best style choices but save the money you would spend just because everybody else is wearing some certain piece.

As I say in this article (5 Super Useful Styling Tips for Petite Women 5’4 and Under) the human eye is drawn to proportion, so it’s important to know that if you have a short torso you need to elongate your figure and try to create an “ideal” hourglass shape (if that is what you are looking for, of course).

One accessory that will sure help you with the proportion is the BELT. This little add-on has a great affect when it comes to elevating your style while also slimming your silhouette into a flattering hourglass.

Belts can define your waist, add a touch of style to your outfit… it is a piece of accessory that can either completely change your look, or emphasize the style. It can also underline your individuality.

The wider belts are having a big moment right now and you probably see them being styles by different body shapes and frames but what is the best style for you?

Petite women, because of the short torso or a smaller figure, will benefit from a skinnier belt. And that’s because wide belts can break up your figure but skinny and midi belts help you to elongate your waist and accentuate curves which add style to your ensemble without overpower your frame.

Now that you now which belt to choose, I selected a couple of images and a video for you to get inspired when getting dressed wearing a skinny belt.

1 – Over a dress

Olivia Palermo wearing ADA Collection skinny wrap belt in black

2 – Over a kimono

Teresa Smith wearing ada collection skinny wrap belt in silver
Teresa Smith wearing ADA Collection skinny wrap belt in silver

3 – Over a blazer

Kelly from @alterationsneeded wearing ADA Collection skinny wrap belt
Kelly from @alterationsneeded wearing ADA Collection skinny wrap belt in black

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