There is a common misconception that it’s difficult to wear belts, but if you start with one piece at a time, it’s actually incredibly easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, and the unique nature of ADA leathers used in every belt sets your look apart from everyone else’s. The key is in strategically placing the belt in the right spot for your body type with the clothing you already own.  Styling Resolutions - Black jumpsuit with a red skinny cala belt

Rompers and jumpsuits

Rompers and jumpsuits have become a staple in many of our wardrobes and the best way to cover up that thin unattractive elastic seam is by covering it with a belt – the Cala Belt is perfect for it.  Pair it with same-color handbag and Voilà – complete beautiful look.

Styling Resolutions - Print romper paired with a neutral Lucky Belt

For a fun way to break up prints and patterns try opting for a wider belt.  The Lucky belt is a one-size belt adorned with tassels for a boho luxe flair.

Black Dress

Lace black dress belted with a skinny shimmer wrap belt

Have you worn your LBD (little black dress) multiple times and looking for a way to update it?  Add a contrasting color Wrap Belt for a pop and re-create your evening look.

Accessories make the outfit belt



Styling Resolutions - White flowy skirt belted with a tassel tan belt

ADA – Leila Belt

White top with a military green long skirt - Tan wrap belt

ADA – Wrap Belt

When you tuck a shirt into a skirt – the seam is screaming for a belt!  It covers the elastic band and creates a seamless look.


Styling Resolution - White tunic with a Fringe Soga belt

Sure an oversized tunic is a great comfy option but when you’re ready to dress it up or create a waist line – pull out an ADA Fringe Soga Belt to create a feminine silhouette.


Styling Resolution - Black on black outfit

Don’t leave your pant loops empty!  Make a statement with a novelty belt or keep it classic with a wrap belt.

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How do you atyle with a ADA Belt