Planning outfits for those first fall days can be tricky. We’re already thinking of apple pies, pumpkin desserts, nice conversations with friends with a snug blanket and a bottle of red wine, right?

I get it.  There’s no time to pre-plan outfits for the new weather. But there’s an easy solution that will save you time and allow you to be the most stylish girl in the room!  All you have to do is accessorize!

I mean all types of accessories! You can put on a simple outfit and then make it pop with an eye catching accessory.  From shoes to handbags and earrings but especially belts! This powerful styling tool can create a waistline, bring polish to your outfit and upgrade all your wardrobe look. 🙂

Take a peek and see how to combine belts with a dress.

1. Feminine dress + rustic belt


2.  Tunic + waistline


3. The new look of Red


4. Layer it combo


And here’s the bonus of a belt-combo look.  You can take a $50 outfit and make it look expensive with a luxe belt.  Who does’t want to look like a million bucks?

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Accessories make the outfit belt