If you’re anything like me, a busy mom juggling a full-time career and family life but still want to “look” like you have it together – then you might want to consider creating a capsule collection. You can get ready in less than 10 minutes and look amazing. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend every night planning your outfit for the next morning (I’m sure we’ve all been there, right?). Your wardrobe will already be curated to reflect your own personal style, mood, fit the activities you have going on for the day and most importantly –your outfit will empower you for the day (yes, clothes have the power to do this!).

What is a capsule collection?

A capsule collection is intended to be a stand-alone wardrobe that you don’t generally mix with the rest of your clothes and consists of twenty to forty pieces including shoes and outwear that all work well together. This doesn’t include undergarments, gym gear, sleepwear or accessories. You build your capsule collection by picking clothes from your entire closet and once you make your choices, your other clothes are on hiatus until you create your next capsule collection.

Why build a capsule collection?

The biggest benefit of a capsule wardrobe is that it makes it way easier to choose outfits in the morning because all the pieces in your wardrobe work well with each other. I can literally get dressed in 2 minutes every morning and it’s just a matter of what I “feel” like wearing that day. But the work has already been done ahead of time.

From my experience, these are the following reasons to give a capsule collection a try:

  • You love simplicity and feel overwhelmed if too much is going on around you.
  • Your wardrobe still needs a lot of work. Many of my Ada Style Formula students find their closets jam-packed and not aligned with their current personal style, life style or body and they need a closet overhaul. But this can take a few days to do but a capsule collection shouldn’t take more than a few hours to build.
  • You are traveling and living out of a suitcase. I’ve had to travel a lot for work and most of the time I was limited to a carry-on, even for longer trips. Having a flexible and versatile collection that could easily mix and match with some great accessories would get me through the trip without sacrificing feeling great in all my outfits.
  • Your weight has fluctuated. If you’ve ever been pregnant or you’ve lost or gained weight, you know it can be frustrating to find something to wear in the morning. Your clothes might not fit right. But taking the time to put together a collection of pieces that work for your current shape and figure makes all the difference.

What to consider when building a capsule collection?

Here’s the general process I recommend which is the sneek peek to the Capsule Collection Workshop coming soon.

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1) Create your “signature style” profile

  • Consider the activities that you’ll be building your collection for.

Ex. Work, after work, weekend activities

  • Think about your audience and your goals and how you want your clothes to make you feel
  • Consider the weather

2) Assess the fit and color of the clothing you choose

  • This is the strategic part of dressing and you should consider your body type and shape and what clothing is the most flattering on you.

3) Create outfit formulas. An outfit formula is a recipe for a specific combination of items that you can wear in lots of different ways.

  • Make sure you have enough basics and essentials that go together.
  • Be sure the colors you choose for your capsule collection work well together.
  • Try on outfits and make sure they’re still comfortable and you like the way they look and make you feel. They reflect your style and you feel confident in every outfit.
4) Add accessories.

Accessories are the backbone to my wardrobe. I think that they really take an outfit from good to great. They are the easiest way to multiply your wardrobe, add style and reflect your current mood.

5) Write a shopping list for missing pieces that you need to complete your capsule collection. When I was recently building my “pregnancy” capsule collection I had a shopping list of exactly what I needed to get me through nine months (including super comfortable shoes). This prevented me from buying haphazardly and gave me focus which helped with shopping overwhelm.


Important tip: The more carefully you plan your capsule collection the better. Be sure that every piece carries its own weight.