Do we have any doubt that denim has assumed its place as a key player on the runways?

I mean…designers are creating the most amazing  skirts, parkas, shirts, dresses. even overalls are back (which I’m soooo excited about!).

But have you ever wondered about the history of denim and how it became an American symbol?

It was originally worn by mine workers, farmers and cowboys because the material would withstand water, snow, wind and gravel.  And it wasn’t until the 1950’s that denim became popularized to the masses.  It was the symbol of the teenage rebellion in TV programs and movies. James Dean, in the 1955 film “Rebel Without a Cause”, was a symbol of this.

In the 1970’s manufactures started to get creative with denim – adding embroidery and paint and giving jeans flare (see The 70’s show). And in the 1980’s, designers, such as Gucci, got in the game and started to design their own collections.  Only they started making it with premium denim with the help of Japanese factories, who invested in real indigo dyes, improved stitching and fit.

Things slowed down in the 1990’s (Levi’s had to close 11+ factories)…but the “denim is out” lasted for a hot second…because denim was back and is back in the 2000’s.

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As a last thought…it’s not about putting on a belt to hold up your jeans.  They should fit you seamlessly…it’s about wearing a belt to personalize your look! 🙂 Stay tuned for our Story Behind Belts.