When fall comes around we’re more likely to reach for darker tones and colors, but you can look pretty in pastels year round.  When pairing light tones with leather and suede it creates a beautiful juxtaposition of sweet and edgy and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Wondering how to incorporate these pale hues into your fall wardrobe? Allow me to give you a few ideas.

No matter where you live or your climate, I hope you feel inspired to not ditch all your light-colored pieces just yet.

1. Belt

Of course I would say this as a belt designer, but honestly, throwing on a dusty pink or powder blue Wrap Belt over a grey jumper, sweater or blazer is so chic.  A novelty belt offers an anything-but-basic approach to tonal dressing.

2. Blazer

Adding a pastel blazer to an all-black  or dark outfit can give it lightness and crisp.  You can polish it off with a great gold necklace,  a black belt and killer boots.

3. Coat

Stand out in a crowd by wearing a pastel colored coat. Pair with a matching bracelet or belt and you’ll look incredible.

4. Sweater

There’s nothing cozier than soft-to-the-touch sweaters in pastel tones from creams, light grays, pinks and whites.  And to cinch up the waist in a bulkier sweater opt for a soft rope belt such as the ADA Fringe Soga Belt.

5. Scarf

Bringing a light colored scarf around your face will light it up. And if you haven’t seen all the ways to belt a scarf on our Pinterest page – you have to see it because there’s nothing better than a belt + scarf combo to literally 10x your wardrobe.