For as many new outfits we see and want day in and day out, it’s nice to come across an example that doesn’t require a head-to-toe purchase.  As a matter of fact, we want to show you how one accessory can completely recreate an outfit you already have.

The outfit we’re showing here is an example of one canvas we’re working with – but you can recreate multiple outfits in your wardrobe with this one accessory.

What is this one magical accessory you may ask?

Is it lipstick?

Very close (we love lipstick too!) but the waist cinching and outfit creating accessory we’re thinking of is…

An ADA belt.

So here’s what’s really cool about a belt – and more specifically about all the options you have in the ADA belt collection…

Not only will a belt update your outfit but depending on the style of the belt you choose – you also send a different message with your outfit.

You’re a stylish savvy woman so you know the importance of style.  Because your personality isn’t the first thing people see, right?

Sometimes we want to be perceived as elegant. Other times if we’re attending brunch with girl friends we want to be more girly. Weekend resort getaways might call for a boho luxe look and festivals for more boho chic.

Regardless the look you’re wanting to create a belt can get you there in a cinche.

Here is the canvas we’re working with…

(Before image).

Cute top… trendy stripped bottoms.  Not bad, right?  But clearly something is missing.

1 outfit - 6 way to wear


Now let’s look at a few examples with a belt.  And allow us to show you how a belt can make you look more elegant,


If you want to feel elegant and polished a Naomi Belt will work perfectly! It nicely covers up the seam and cinches you in at the waist pulling the entire look together.

1 outfit - 6 way to wear
Naomi Belt



A vivid color and a little of texture will make you feel p h e n o m e n a l (and eclectic)! And when you’re feeling great you’ll be great.

1 outfit - 6 way to wear
Lucky Belt


A touch of pink and sassy attitude will get you feeling more girly. The pink Wrap Belt goes perfectly when you want to call attention to your feminine side.

1 outfit - 6 way to wear
Wrap Belt


Fringe and a cute smile is all it takes to be a charming girl. This version of the wrap belt called Riley comes with fringe and can be tied in multiple ways.

1 outfit - 6 way to wear
Riley Belt


Confident outfit. Eye contact. Smile. You’re now dressing for the luxurious lifestyle.

1 outfit - 6 way to wear
Fringe Soga Belt



A wide tassel belt, cute boho sandals…and you can be ready for an outside concert.

1 outfit - 6 way to wear


What do you think of these styling tips?  Feel free to share with your family and friends and be sure to leave a comment with your favorite looks down below.