Fall is just around the corner and for some of us the change in season means an exciting time to revamp wardrobe, shop for “new” and update our signature style for new weather.

For others, however, it’s overwhelming having to carve out time to reorganize closet, recreate a new capsule collection for the months to come, and figure out what’s “new” that will fit.

If you fit in the ladder scenario… don’t worry, this post can help.

Not all fads and trends will be right for you. If a trend is something that is flattering to you, be the first to discover and wear it! If it’s not good on you, don’t waste your time or money.

Having said that, incorporating just a smidge of a current trend though color, patterns, textures, accessories is a great way to keep your look current, updated yet still flattering.

But perhaps seeing models on the runway or the “it” fashion gurus wearing trends – doesn’t make it super relatable to you.

I thought this would be helpful instead…

I reviewed the hottest trends off the runway and came up with more understated ways to wear the trends that could be more easily incorporated into your signature style.


Perhaps you’re not into an all-metallic get up from head-to-toe as it makes you feel like a robot.  I get it.  But… what if you incorporate the metallic trend with a handbag, shoes (doesn’t even have to be a heel), or jewelry – or all three.  I’m picturing a monochromatic outfit (maybe an all black look) with metallic accessories.  What do you think?  Think you can pull it off?


2 –  PLAID

If you love your plaid pieces but feel like you’ve run out of new or exciting ways to wear them – here’s a few pieces to inspire your next plaid look.  I hadn’t thought of  incorporating plaid into jewelry – but I like the idea of plaid bracelets and matching  with a scarf.  Or maybe wearing a plaid skirt in a new trendy cut like pictured below.  Personally, I’m not a “plaid girl” myself, but I love the idea to incorporate plaid subtly into my fall wardrobe.  How do you think you’ll incorporate plaid into your closet this year – if at all?


3 – RED

Named by Pantone as “A powerful, evocative, dynamic red, Grenadine is a confident and self-assured attention-getter.” But not all of us feel comfortable wearing an all-red pant suit, trench coat or even sweater.  However, as an alternative we feel more comfortable wearing red shoes, belt or even a red lipstick.  What are your thoughts on the Pantone top 10 color choices? Do you have a favorite?



The fashion girl’s fabric du jour this upcoming fall and winter will continue to be velvet.  If a heavy (but rich quality) fabric is not your top pick but you still want to give this beloved trend a second chance, here’s how you can try it out in a more delicate way: Opt for a velvet hat – it can keep your head warm and your outfit undoubtedly on trend.  You can also try out a velvet handbag or choker, among other velvet jewelry. What are your thoughts on velvet? Love it?  Hate it?  I want to hear.



If recent runway shows and street style looks are any indication, belts are going to be huge this fall and the go-to accessory to complete every outfit.  I couldn’t agree more that belts are a great outfit-completing accessory and can also create your perfect silhouette.  As belt designer for ADA Collection, I’ve focused on designing the most versatile women’s leather belts for every body type and shape and I’ve made belts more “wearable” for every outfit.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the collection and if you’re still in doubt on how to wear belts for your body shape, download the “Belt for your Body Shape” blueprint.  



Accessories make the outfit belt


The classic blazer-and-pant duo doesn’t have to look remotely corporate. In fact, suiting separates don’t have to be confined to a neutral—black, brown or grey color palette.  Jewel tones, pastels, white etc., are becoming an increasingly de rigueur choice. To make the ensemble even more on casual, opt to wear a blazer with jeans and casual t-shirt.  There are a million ways to rock a suit—all it takes is a little imagination.  Will you be suiting up this fall?


What is your favorite trend for this Fall? Tell me on the comments! I’d love to hear from you 🙂