Every time you communicate – through your words, posture, what you wear…is an opportunity to influence peoples lives for the better.

Dressing is an art.  It’s a reflection of your creativity, self-expression and the unspoken but visual message you want to communicate to others.

And color also gives off an unspoken message.

So…here’s an example about.

The last time you went to the bank, did you notice the color staff was wearing or the color they’ve chosen for their branding?

It’s probably a shade of blue, right?

That’s because blue and navy is a color of trust.

How about your doctor.  What color is he or she wearing?  Probably a white coats, right?  The coat shows their authority and recognition of the medical profession and white reflects safety, purity and cleanliness.

In the video below I give you a few more examples about why you should be aware of the color you want to use if you want to make an impact.

So, go ahead and download the free template below and get inspired by color and start to think about what message you want to send to your audience without saying a word.

Trust?  Likability?  Sophistication? Do you want to stand out?  Or blend it?

You’re maintaining your personal style…but adding relatable flair with color and accessories.



Take 1 minute to review the report…and to reflect.

There’s a huge opportunity in how we can relate to others by the way we dress. Our own personal branding.

And not only could we help build our own self-confidence, get compliments from our colleges, spouse and kids on the way we look…but it can also make a difference in our career and business.

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