Rule of thirds and belts

How many times have you put on a top and bottom that you love and think it will make a fabulous outfit only to find yourself feeling frumpy?

Good news, it’s not you. It’s the clothes.

The colors, patterns and everything match, but what’s off is the proportion of the outfit.

Your top might be too long, or pants too short. What you’re unconsciously doing is breaking the Rule of Thirds.

Here’s an example of an unbalanced outfit vs balanced following Rule of Thirds.

I know, what you’re thinking, “Since when did getting dressed get so complicated?”

Well, now you know why Coco Channel said that fashion is architecture and a matter of proportions.

As you put together your outfits divide your overall look into thirds rather than half or quarters.

A symmetrical one-to-one ration (in other words when you break yourself in half) will lead you to feeling frumpy vs a balanced outfit will have more interest and be more pleasing to the eye.

And easy way to bring balance to an outfit is by tucking in your shirt, pairing your outfit with a jacket or necklace, or ……

My favorite recommendation to creating a balanced outfit is adding a belt.

Immediately there is a third piece involved that will bring more interest and help you create a more balanced outfit.

The belt that all my style clients gravitate towards is the Tough Guy belt.We call it the, “belt wardrobe starter belt” for good reason.

The bronze hardware is neutral and will match with any shoes, handbags or jewelry you wish to pair it with.

It’s super versatile due to the continues holes so you can wear it with low raise jeans or high waisted jeans. And because the leather is so soft and buttery it’s the perfect belt to pair with a dress or skirt outfit.

Watch the video and get a closer look and inspiration to style a balanced outfit.