If you have a short waist like me, then I’m sure you’ve had days when you feel like no tops ever fit, right?

And belts, well you’ve been told to stay away because you have to lengthen your torso instead of “break” it. And yes, you have to consider what you wear to length but a belt will actually create a waist vs take away from it and its more about what tops and raise of bottoms that will make the biggest difference.

But first let me show you and easy way to measure if you’re short waisted, long waisted or have a balanced waist. This is an approximation since we’re not using a tape measurer.

Place your hands under your bust like this:

If you can fit two hands comfortable between your bust and belly button it means you have a balanced waist and most designers are making tops for your vertical type so you’re not usually tugging and pulling on tops. And any belt will look super great on you and accentuate your waist.

If you can’t quite fit two hands between your bust and belly button, you are short waisted. And depending on your outfit a narrower belt such as the midi belt is a great option for you to create a more defined waist and look slimmer.

And if you can fit three hands between your bust and belly button, you are considered as long waisted and a wide belt looks fantastic on you.

Every woman of every shape and body type can wear any belt. It’s more about the canvas, the outfit, that you’re styling with the belt.

So remember, first chose a strategic outfit to rock your shape and add a belt for color, texture and to define your waist.

Now, watch the video if you want more details about the measurements and belts 🙂

This accessories make the outfit