If I told you that there was a trick to make every outfit more flattering, would you want to know what it was?

Of course, you would.

If I told you it was a belt, which it is, you’d want to know which belt to wear for your body type…

… and this is actually a loaded question.

Which I answer in today’s video.

I always get asked “What belts do I wear for my body type” and here’s the deal: Dress for your body type, but accessorize for the outfit.

When it comes to belts, it just depends of the outfit. For example, I’m short waisted so technically I should only be wearing skinny belts but as you’ve seen in my previous videos I’m wearing wider belts, midi belts and a lot of different styles because it always depends of my outfit.

Today I’m wearing a skinny belt because it works best with what I’m wearing. Sometimes you don’t even want the belt to necessarily exist, you’re only wearing it for that last polish detail and that’s the case with this little mini skinny belt.

ADA Collection Mini Skinny belt

When I don’t have the belt on it doesn’t look bad but it looks more sharp with the belt! Specially with these kind of A line dresses, the belt highlights my waist. it’s not overpowering, it goes really nice with my dress and just makes it looks more expensive.

It’s really nice to have some belts in your collection that will do that for you!

This accessories make the outfit