neon belt

My style clients love color, but usually end up wearing neutral colors in clothes. Black, white, taupe’s and greys are their usual go-to’s.

Always classic, understated, elegant… and super boring if you don’t accessorize! Accessories are the easiest, versatile and least expensive way to add personality to any outfit through scarves, earrings, necklaces and… yes, belts!

You can really experiment and have so much fun wearing colors you’d never think you could pull off in a top or a jacket. For instance, this neon ensemble might be a little much for some.

But check out how modern the outfit looks by adding a neon clutch

And how crisp and fun it looks but adding a scarf

neon clutch

Or …..

yellow Neon belt


neon outfit

I was inspired to design this understated neon Cece belt to combine with a jean and a tee shirt.

Bonus styling tip: Take a look at a print you own and bring out the unique colors in it by matching accessories like I did with this skirt.

neon belt

The Cece Belt comes in brilliant neon, sassy orchid and chic white. Get one, or all three. It’s a belt you’ll be wearing on repeat.

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