Whether you are a woman that devours fashion blogs and magazines or you have a curiosity about what is trending right now, you’ll love to check out these Spring Accessories Trends.

The social influencer and celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese shared her Top 5 Spring Accessories with us and we totally agree with her choices:

“Hey everyone, thank you so much for tuning in. I’m Lindsay Albanese and today I’m sharing my top 5 spring accessories. These are the accessories I think you’ll wear the most of and that’ll pull together all of your spring assembles so with that let’s spring on to it”

1 – Cross Body Bag

My number one Spring accessory is the cross body bag, and I thought since the cross body bag is at the top of my spring accessory I needed to design my own ultimate cross body bag. I partnered with dolce vita collection which is an affordable and trend drive handbag line. And I am so honored I got to design my own cross body bag, I am so proud and excited to share it with you guys.

I designed these cross body bag to it’s big enough to fit your life in, but small enough so you can carry it from day to night, so that won’t drag you down.


ADA Collection – Josie Belt 


2- Fashion Bras

The next must have accessory are bras that are meant to be seen. These are not your granny bras. These are fashion bras and I love the impact when you wear a shirt or lace top with a full coverage bra. We’re not going to see.. You know… too much . We want a little bit more full coverage, so that’s appropriate and then for me, I kind like to cover up the belly bottom when you know  I’m showing my full bra under shirt, just to keep a little bit more sophisticated and conservative.

Lindsay-Albanese-style-expert-6-spring-trends-accessories Lindsay-Albanese-style-expert-6-spring-trends-accessories


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3 – Tassel earrings

They are such a strong linear statement when you wear earrings. There’s not too much going on, just that one tassel that has so much movement and fluidity. You will see me wearing these the most these season.

Lindsay-Albanese-style-expert-6-spring-trends-accessories Lindsay-Albanese-style-expert-6-spring-trends-accessories

4 – Belts

Belts are considered a classic but I think they kind of teeter in and out of trend from season to season, but this season, the style surge is all about fashion belts. I like these one because it has two metal rings and it just add such a prominent statement to any outfit. Belts with a exaggerated hardware like the one I’m wearing is almost all the jewelry that you need. Just simple earrings, bracelet and that’s your look.

Lindsay-Albanese-style-expert-6-spring-trends-accessories Lindsay-Albanese-style-expert-6-spring-trends-accessories

ADA Collection – Josie Belt 

5 – White shoes

I love wearing white because I think it gives that impact of wearing a color without actually wearing a color. So that’s why this season I’m all about wearing white shoes whether it’s boots or sandals. It has such a bright stark contrast with any outfit and I’m not talking about these being your Sundays school shoes, these are funky, they’re unique, they’re trendy and next time you go shoe shopping I would consider going white over nude because white just amplifies any look.

Lindsay-Albanese-style-expert-6-spring-trends-accessories Lindsay-Albanese-style-expert-6-spring-trends-accessories

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