Every February and September following the runway shows in New York and in Europe my design team and I sit down to review major trends that will be taking place for the year ahead.  Not because we’re a trendy belt line but because we need to know what “canvas” or clothing we’ll be designing belts to pair with. Will women be wearing more boxy silhouettes, tailored apparel, pantsuits, etc.

Now, I know you, our ADA lady, and I know that you have your own personal style and you don’t necessarily follow trends because they’re trendy. You adopt a trend because you truly love it and it works for your unique body and style.

But nevertheless, we’re looking at what’s happening in the fashion world. We have to… we’re a fashion line. ☺

Perhaps more polished from previous collections, this belt assortment sets the stage for the perfect tailored looks. From cinching up your favorite sweaters, blouses, blazers and of course dresses you’ll be pleased to see rich, cozy and warm colors to get you through the cooler days ahead.

My inspiration was drawn from this mood board:



My goal for you this season is to create an effortless, comfortable and polished wardrobe that speaks to who you are; your lifestyle, the occasions you’ll be attending, with colors that make you feel happy.  I want you to look your very best at upcoming family reunions, holiday parties, work gatherings and I hope that an ADA belt and the free style workshops we’ll be offering, will accompany you and guide you through the season.

See our design journey here: 

Like this post? So, leave a comment and let me know – what are you seeing for fall that you love and want to incorporate into your wardrobe? Maybe a new color? New trend? New accessory? Let me know.


– Ada



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